Refugee Camp

The lost and forgotten children of the border

Photography is a exploration for me, a quest to capture people, emotions and attitudes.In this project I took the role of a Photo Journalist. Looking for a good subject,I spend extended time and research. Eventually, I decided to go to the Syrian border city Suruc , Sanliurfa Region, Turkey.
I produce a set of pictures with the main subject being children and there day to day life in the camp.
After the Terror organisation ISIS gained more territory in Syria and Irak, a lot of people been killed, murdered and executed brutally, by those barbaric people. Millions of people mainly old and young had to flee from there homes and re locate in Turkey, Lebanon and various other countries. I felt that those people had not much voice in the international platform , so I decided to be there medium of expression.
The pictures are kept very simple and minimalistic. I used the medium of black and white. I think black and white photos have a deeper impact on the soul of people. In addition I overexposed all of my pictures so you have to focus on the child and his or her inner thoughts.
I tried to blur the line between photography and painting.

If this photos have a mission, it is this: capture rarely viewed emotional portraits of children which are forgotten from modern society.

I have done my job as an artist if the photos evoke a emotionality in you!