Fero Gürbüz

born January 1984, on a random cold day at a random time. As the first son and second child of the family, I got really spoiled and was treated like a prince throughout my childhood!

Nevertheless I got early social contagion-ed with the ideas of political philosophy, specifically with humanist views. traveling, playing, and getting foreign education made me realise that falling in love with woman is the base of all humanitarian issues. living a life full of love, passion and emotions overwhelmed me soon and I decided to pursue an academic carrier in order to get successful.
After planting my head between books and speakers I incrementally understood that a stereophonic journey had started. using the best ingredients which I was getting, I started to muddle, mix, stir and shake so I could find the perfect balance between a sophisticated, retro, sleek and sexy character. even though I am independent, ambitious, skilled in scientific and technical subjects, critical and meticulous

I still run away from reality.

” a dreamer that brings the new sun by clearing the path of life ”